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For years I had been looking for a Latin American restaurant in Monticello, NY that served food that tasted like the offerings prepared by my relatives at family cookouts and parties. Many cultures and regions of the world create some absolutely delicious food, but there is always something special about the food a person enjoyed during their childhood.

With Nely’s Latin Restaurant, I have created somewhere the people in the area can go for a legitimate example of what Latino food actually tastes like. My menu consists of traditional Hispanic dishes that have been enjoyed throughout Latin America for generations, such as carne guisada de res, monfongos, pollo al horno, and dulche leche cortada.

The dishes that come out of my kitchen are prepared using only the finest ingredients and are created using methods and recipes that have been in my family for decades. Whether a customer wants to enjoy a hearty breakfast, a quick soup and salad, or one of our refreshing fruit juices or shakes, there is something at Nely’s Latin Restaurant that can transport them to the Caribbean for a few brief moments.

It is a pleasure to own and operate an authentic Hispanic restaurant where members of the Latin American community in the neighborhood can come and enjoy food that truly reminds them of their roots. Preparing and serving real Hispanic cuisine is not only an opportunity for me to preserve my Latin American heritage, but it is also a chance to expose the Latin food and culture to people who may have never been around it before. Everyone should be able to enjoy this great food! Call right now to place a take-out order, or come dine in on some mouthwatering Hispanic food at Nely’s Latin Restaurant!

You won’t regret it.

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