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Nely’s Latin Restaurant is a proud celebration of my Dominican heritage, and I serve the best Dominican food in Monticello, NY. I have a deep love and passion for the food that I have been eating with my Dominican family members my entire life.

With my restaurant, I want to make sure that the people of the Dominican community in Monticello, NY continue to have a place to go where they can be served food that tastes like the food that they enjoyed growing up.

I also want to expose people that have never enjoyed a real Dominican meal to how wonderful both our food and culture are. People from all walks of life enjoy delicious food, and if I continue to serve them quality dishes that they grow to love, they may be more inclined to learn about my culture as well.

Nely’s Latin Restaurant is a place where you can bring your family for a top-notch Dominican dinner at an affordable price. Some of my most popular offerings include classic Dominican dishes like codito con carne, monfongo de cerdo, pollo guisado, and rabo (oxtail).

Since we offer everything Dominican at Nely’s Latin Restaurant, I also serve the sweetest Dominican desserts, including flan, tres leche cake, arroz con leche, and bizcocho dominicano. In addition to that, I have a wide selection of fruit juices and shakes available. My customers always leave with their sweet tooth satisfied.

The food at Nely’s Latin Restaurant is fitting for any occasion. Whether you’re on the run and need a quick bite to eat, or you want to enjoy a nice sit down meal with some loved ones, I have you covered.

Bring your group in tonight to enjoy some incredible Dominican food and excellent customer service!

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